Girl Scout Cookie Program: COCO Command Help


It’s Cookie Time! And this year, The Girl Scout Cookie Program has gone digital—going beyond the booth and offering more ways to buy cookies and support girls’ learning than ever before.

We know that some of you have experienced issues with COCO (the digital tools supported by our baker, ABC) over the past several days, and we apologize for the difficulties. ABC Bakers is working to fix the problems and we are in contact with ABC’s technology team to make sure COCO is ready for our Girl Scouts to take full advantage of all its tools.

Before you log in to COCO (either again or for the very first time),  it is important to understand the tools, their differences, and how you can access them with your Girl Scout. We have outlined some of those tools below.

If you had previously signed up for COCO, the username and password you provided should be working now. If you sent e-cards, be sure to check under the “online marketing” tab and then view “emails sent.” If you see emails sent in that tab, your emails were delivered successfully. If you do not see this, you will need to re-enter email addresses and re-send your e-cards.

Before you start, we have also determined that there is some misunderstanding between sending a secure-site link to a customer for purchase of cookies and delivery to their home (digital cookies) and sending an e-card to a customer, having them promise an order and not pay in advance (these cookies should be ordered with your troop leader, and then delivered with money collected by the Girl Scout in February.)

All these steps are outlined below. Thank you again for your patience and the support you are giving your Girl Scout as she runs her cookie business!


 Some helpful tips for logging in, either again or for the first time:

  • If for some reason you cannot log in with an existing username or password, do not reset your account. Contact We will work with ABC to establish a new username and password for you.
  • If you are establishing accounts for multiple Girl Scouts requiring a parent email, the profile and parent email address must be unique for each girl.
  • Username should be alpha and numeric, do not use symbols.
  • Username and passwords are case sensitive.
  • If you are viewing multiple Girl Scouts’ accounts, you must clear your cache (history) between viewings.

Market Promise Orders from Family and Friends

If you want to send an email to your local friends and family reminding them of the Girl Scout Cookie Program through COCO Command at, you can do this using your laptop, PC, or tablet / smart phone by downloading COCO Mobile from your app store.

The Girl Scout will load email addresses and send an e-card to potential customers. The customer will see a digital order card and select what he or she would like. The customer will not be asked to pay (this is a promise order).

Once that promise order is made, the Girl Scout will log into COCO Command and select her “view order” tab under online marketing tools. She will see the pending order(s) that need to be placed.

Remember, these online promise orders need to be given to the troop leader by the order-taking deadline. Your Girl Scout will need to deliver to and receive payment from the customer when the cookies arrive.

COCO Direct 

COCO Direct is sending a link to customers to purchase cookies and ship directly to their home. In order to use this tool, you must use your PC or laptop only to register at COCO Command. Visit  to get started. Please remember to use Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Chrome, or Firefox as your browser. You can find ABC Baker training videos on our website that can help you register for COCO.

This tool, only accessed and used with your PC or laptop, will send a purchase link to family and friends who live out of town and wish to have cookies delivered to them. Remember, the customer will be charged shipping, and there are limits on what he or she can order.

Your Girl Scout will receive credit for these direct orders, but the tracking is done behind the scenes. Our staff will be uploading these orders directly into the troop’s SNAP account on a weekly basis, at minimum.

None of these orders need to be given to or recorded by your troop leader. The processing and delivery of COCO Direct cookie orders are handled by ABC, and are shipped directly from the ABC warehouse to the customer.

Thank You!

Hopefully your Girl Scout had a great planning meeting with her troop and you heard all you need to know about the program at your parent meeting. If your troop has not had a parent meeting, no worries! If your Girl Scout is registered and you have filled out a permission slip for the Cookie Program you’re welcome to get started now. Girls are required to be registered and have a permission slip on file before they participate–so reach out to your troop leader or cookie manager for more information. Initial cookie orders are due to your troop cookie coordinator on January 21, 2015.

Thank you again for your support and patience! We will keep you updated on any additional bugs and fixes with COCO. We are here to support you, please contact us at for any additional assistance.




Giving Tuesday #OneMoreGirl

GivingTuesday3Today kicks off our 2014 #GivingTuesday campaign-“One More Girl!” You and your daughter are enjoying all the wonderful opportunities and leadership experiences that Girl Scouting has to offer.

As part of the holiday giving season, we are asking our families to give that opportunity to another girl. Your $15 gift will allow “One More Girl” to become a Girl Scout. A girl whose financial circumstances might otherwise prevent her from participating. A girl whose self-esteem is low because she doesn’t have the chance to explore her dreams and goals. A girl who is afraid to try new things because she doesn’t have the support of friends and adults who can help her expand her horizons. A girl who doesn’t see the leader she can be.

I hope you will take this opportunity to share the gift of Girl Scouting this holiday season! Each girl whose life is forever changed by Girl Scouting learns to “help people at all times” and “to make the world a better place,” ideals emphasized in our Girl Scout Promise and Law. Your gift today will make a lasting impression on a girl, on your community, on our council, and across the globe!

Support GSMH and make your donation today. Thank you for helping just “One More Girl!”



Vote for Outdoor Badge Activities

Girls voted and GSUSA listened! Outdoor Recreation has been chosen as the theme for the next set of Outdoor badges.

The second phase of Girls’ Choice voting has begun. Girl Scouts is adding one new badge for the Brownie, Junior, Cadette, and Senior levels. Take this short survey and help choose the badge activities that most appeal to you. This survey runs from December 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014.

Girls Choice Badges

You can vote as often as you like! The badge activity with the most votes wins! The winning badges will be announced on March 12, 2015.

If you have any questions email Leadership and Learning Specialist-Outdoor Program, Melody Hutchison  or call 877-312-4764 x1122.


Nominate a Volunteer for a Council Recognition

We love our volunteers and we know you do, too! Help GSMH recognize the greatness of our volunteers and thank them for the contributions they make in developing girl leaders.

Tell us about the amazing and inspirational Girl Scout volunteers you know. Council awards are given to adult members who go above and beyond the expectations of their volunteer role and make a positive difference in the lives of girls.  Think of the volunteers you know, consider all they have done over the past year for Girl Scouts, check out the descriptions of  the council awards, and nominate that special volunteer today!

Don’t delay! Nominations for council-level adult recognition awards are due on December 5, 2014 to your regional Leadership and Learning Specialist—Volunteerism.

New this year, we will have regional recognition events to celebrate and recognize the achievements of our volunteers:

    • Central Region: Saturday, April 11, 2015, 9 a.m., Columbia.
    • Southeast Region: Saturday, April 25, 2015, 12 p.m., Cape Girardeau.
    • Southwest Region: Saturday April 18, 2015, 11 a.m., Springfield. 

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact your regional Leadership and Learning Specialist—Volunteerism or 877-312-4764.




Service Unit Membership Registration Bonus

New this year, we are excited to announce the 2014-2015 service unit membership registration bonus!  Each service unit is eligible for a $150.00 bonus if it meets the following criteria:
  • At least one recruitment or registration event planned and implemented by the service unit.
    • Must be advertised and open to new members.
    • Event must have been held between 9/1/14 and 1/30/15.
  • The service unit must meet a specific goal for 2014-2015 troop/Juliette membership registrations by 1/30/15. Contact your Membership Marketing Specialist for the specific membership goal.
  • Service unit financial report must be submitted for 2013-2014 year.
  • Service unit must have bank account information on file.
    •  Account must have three non-related signers.
    • All signers must have current volunteer application/background checks on file.

For more details contact your Membership Marketing Specialist.



Vote for Girls Choice Outdoor Badge

We have exciting news! Girl Scouts is adding four new Outdoor Badges in the fall of 2015 and we want you to help choose them!

Girls Choice Badge

Girl Scouts is adding one new badge for the Brownie, Junior, Cadette, and Senior levels. Take this short survey and help us choose the badge category. This survey runs from October 31, 2014 – November 30, 2014.

You can vote as often as you like! The badge topic with the most votes wins!

If you have any questions email Leadership and Learning Specialist-Outdoor Program, Melody Hutchison  or call 877-312-4764 x1122.


Our MEdia Journey

By Rolla Girl Scout Troop 62505

Aviary Photo_130570870634648596 (2)







Recently, we had the opportunity to make a Public Service Announcement and tour a local television station.  Our Cadette and Senior members were able to themselves, record some of the footage.  This helped the Cadettes finish their MEdia Journey.  All girls from out mulit-age level troop were welcomed to tour the television station.

Girls of all ages truly enjoyed the tour of the television station.  We also were able to learn a lot!  We learned that they have the words that you need to say right under the camera, which was extremely helpful.  And, if they have the green screen on and you are wearing a green shirt, it changes the color of your shirt to black!  They also explained to us why they have carpet on the walls (it helps the sound from echoing).

The Cadettes had fun filming and learning about media.  Basically, they went around recording footage of each of the groups.  Then, we sent the footage to the television station.  When we went for the tour, they  recorded some more.  After we left, the station put it all together, and sent it back to us.  They plan on airing it on a local station soon!

Here is the finial version of our PSA:

All the girls, especially the Cadettes, had fun and learned a lot! If you have Girl Scout Cadettes and are getting ready to do the MEdia Journey, we highly recommend contacting your local television station.

-Cadettes and Senior of Rolla Girl Scout Troop 62505


Tell us what you think! GSLE-Outdoors

Girl Scouts will host its 53rd national convention in Salt Lake City, October 16-19, 2014. One focus during convention is the Girl Scout Leadership Experience-Outdoors. Cherokee Ridge 021

GSUSA wants to hear from you!

Below are a few questions about outdoor experiences in Girl Scouts. Share your thoughts by emailing your feedback no later than September 26, 2014.


1. What should our promise to girls be regarding outdoor experiences in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience?

2. Girls tell us they enjoy their Girl Scout experience more when they get outdoors regularly and in varied ways. How can GSUSA and councils work together to provide outdoor experiences for our girl members?106

3. What can Girl Scouts (local and national) do to support and encourage volunteers and girls to incorporate outdoor experience into their regular troop activities?

4. What support should GSUSA be providing councils to strengthen outdoor experiences within the Girl Scout Leadership Experience?



Thank you for helping Girl Scouts continue the tradition of providing leadership experiences in the great outdoors!





Inspire Tomorrow’s Leaders, Join Girl Scouts

By Anne Soots, CEO Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland

Anne SootsA question I’m often asked is “What do girls gain through their participation in Girl Scouts?”

This question brings back memories of when I was a young Girl Scout. I’ve been a Girl Scout since I was seven years old.  Every Tuesday afternoon, I couldn’t wait until school was over and I could go to my Girl Scout meeting to see what fun thing we were trying next.  It might have been planting an egg carton garden as a Girl Scout Brownie or planning a camping trip and having my first s’more as a Girl Scout Junior, or volunteering in the hospital as a nurse’s aide as a Girl Scout Senior – it was a wonderful adventure lead by amazing troop leaders.  As I grew older, I knew I wanted to help girls have the same great Girl Scout experiences that I did.

So what do girls gain when they join Girl Scouts?  Girls gain courage to try new adventures. Girls become confident in their abilities to lead. Girls develop character and give back to their communities. Girls discover new skills and learn about the outdoors. Girls develop friendships and make memories that will last a lifetime.

At Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland, we serve just over 16,000 girls and 5,000 adults across 68 counties in central and southern Missouri, southeast Kansas, and northeast Oklahoma. We want to reach more girls than ever before, but in order to do that, we need more volunteers.

Girl Scouts provides a wide range of amazing opportunities for girls and for adult volunteers.

Recent Girl Scout research shows that 94 percent of Girl Scout volunteers and 97 percent of girl members believe Girl Scouts provides them with new, fun and exciting experiences.

I hope you will join me in making those fun, exciting Girl Scout opportunities available to girls in your community.  Let’s provide more opportunities for more girls to explore, discover, and give back. To join or volunteer, please visit:


Join the 100 Missouri Miles Challenge!

The mission of 100 Missouri Miles is to get more Missourians moving in the beautiful Missouri outdoors. Whether you run, walk, bike, rideswim, or roll, there is a trail or other outdoor venue that can help you achieve the challenge of 100 Missouri Miles.

Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland and many other Missouri businesses and organizations  have joined Governor Jay Nixon and First Lady Georganne Nixon in the effort to challenge all Missourians to complete 100 Missouri Miles of physical activity by the end of the year.

Create your own profile at the and then join the Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland Group. Girls, volunteers, staff and friends of GSMH can all join the group and then compare progress on the leaderboard.

Missouri has been named the “Best Trails State” by American Trails, a national, nonprofit organization working on behalf of the nation’s hiking, biking and riding trails. The national award is presented every two years to the state that has made tremendous contributions to promote and improve their trails system.

Missouri State Parks offers almost 1,000 miles of managed trails and the state claims more than 500 miles of National Recreation Trails designated by the U.S. Department of Interior.  The state lives up to its reputation as “Gateway to the West” with significant trails including the Lewis and Clark, Trail of Tears, and the Santa Fe National Historic Trails passing through the state and the Pony Express, California, and Oregon National Historic Trails beginning on the western border. Missouri is also the home of the Katy Trail, the longest developed rail-trail in the nation.

The miles completed do not have to be at a state park or on a trail, they can be anywhere you get out for physical activity. Do you walk or run every day for exercise? You can log a lot of miles that way. Let’s see how many miles Girl Scouts can accomplish this year!