Resident Camp is Over, But the Camp Pathway has just Begun!

Hundreds of girls enjoyed resident camp this summer at Cherokee Ridge, Finbrooke, Latonka, and Mintahama Program Centers.  But just because resident camp has come to an end does not mean that the camp pathway has slowed down.   If you had the chance to attend resident camp this summer, we would love your feedback so we can make resident camp even better next year.  Please click the links below and complete a short survey.

Camper Survey

Parent/Guardian Survey

Upcoming Outdoor Program Opportunities 

Troop Camping:  Have you reserved a weekend at one of our Program Centers for the fall or winter? Once your dates are set, it’s time to plan what activities you will participate in. Here are some fun options – hiking, canoeing, paddle boating, challenge courses, archery, horseback riding and more.  Contact our Property and Risk Manager Sandy Vaughn at 877-312-4764 ext. 1514 to reserve a weekend.

PublicationsVolunteer 411 and Girl Newsletters were recently mailed out with various outdoor opportunities to choose from this year.  We offer troop camping, horseback riding, archery, challenge courses, and much more.  Check them out and register soon!

Outdoor Days: This is a free camping event sponsored by Bass Pro and Springfield Parks & Recreation Department.  The event is from September 6-8 at Springfield Lake. Choose to camp the whole weekend or just come out for the day.  There will be many villages with outdoor initiative activities.  Follow the link below for more information.

Outdoor Days 

Outdoor Program Input Sessions: Coming to a Service Center near you!  We want to receive input from girls, parents/guardians, troop leaders, and you about what outdoor programming you would like to see in across the council.  Come with ideas about resident camp, day camp, troop camping and outdoor program events. Each session is scheduled from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

September 12–Joplin Service Center

September 16–Jefferson City Service Center

September 18-Springfield Service Center

September 25 -Cape Girardeau Service Center

October 3-Dexter Service Center




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