Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland’s Board of Directors voted on Friday, June 14 to move forward with the property committee’s recommendation regarding the council’s interests in Suzanne Program Center (SW region). The Board also unanimously voted to allow local communities additional time to work with the council to develop sustainable long-term viable plans for supporting Girl Scouting including retaining and maintaining all other Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland program properties that were recommended for divestment. The Board will further evaluate this issue in November 2013. If no viable options for long-term sustainability are presented, the Board will proceed with the property committee recommendations.

“The property committee recommendation was shared with our membership prior to the Board of Directors meeting to allow the opportunity to provide feedback. We appreciate the respectful manner in which additional input was provided regarding the property recommendation,” states Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland’s Chief Executive Officer Anne Soots. “We look forward to working with our volunteers and community members to explore viable options for sustaining and maintaining these program properties.”





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