Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and reflect on the bounties that we have. Whether they are large or small, we still need to be thankful.  Some have the glass ½ empty thoughts and are thankful, and others see the glass ½ full and are more gracious with all the little things in their lives.   Personally, I am thankful for the usual; family and friends, health, employment and food on the table. But I am truly thankful to all of the hardworking volunteers and staff that make up Girl Scouting.  So here’s to the volunteers and staff that make Girl Scouting possible!

T- Taking time to see the potential in girls

H- Having time to give to the girls

A-Always helping others

N- Never saying no to volunteering

K- Kindly including all of the girls so they feel important

F- Fulfilling the Girl Scout Promise

U-Using resources wisely

L-Loving Girl Scouts as much as I do


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