Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Meet Fiona, the pink flamingo mascot for the 2012 Fall Product Program. While Fiona is certainly a beautiful bird and is sure to stir up the excitement of girls everywhere, I couldn’t help but wonder why our Girl Scout product program is being represented by a flamingo. So, I did some research and discovered that Fiona and her flamingo friends have far more in common with Girl Scouts than one would think!

Did you know that with their bright feathers and hooked bills, flamingos are among the most easily recognized water birds?

Flamingos have long legs that allow them to courageously wade into deeper water than most other species of birds.

Flamingos like Fiona can fly, but they need to get a running start to gather speed before they can take off for flight. In flight, flamingos are quite distinctive, with outstretched long necks in front, and those long legs trailing behind.

Are you following me here?

Did you know that flamingos are social birds and prefer to live in groups, ranging in size from a few pair to sometimes thousands or tens of thousands? The size of these flocks adds to the impressiveness of ritualized flamingo displays.

At first glance, you might be saying to yourself “What is she talking about? I’m not making the connection.” Stick with me!

If you’ve ever seen a troop selling cookies at a booth outside of Wal-Mart or marching in their local homecoming or holiday parade while proudly wearing their Girl Scout uniform, “easily recognized” rings true to you.

If you were one of the fifteen hundred Girl Scouts that gathered in Springfield last March for our 100th Anniversary Believe in Girls Expo, you’ve seen a distinctive group gather to create an “impressive display!”

If you’ve been lucky enough to watch a largely numbered group of young, excited Daisies learn and grow together into a small, cohesive group of High School Ambassadors who have earned their Girl Scout Gold Award, then you understand the tie-in for “running start” and “quite distinctive.”

These distinguishing facts about flamingos like Fiona might bring a special Girl Scout you know to mind. Give her the opportunity to continue her own journey as part of the Girl Scout flock, and encourage her to participate in the Fall Product Program!


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