Girl Scouting has something for all Girls!

Times have certainly changed from exploring the five worlds of Girl Scouting through the World of Out-of –Doors, World of Well-Being, World of People, World of Today and Tomorrow, and the World of Arts.  Now we have Pathways, Journeys, and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

But essentially, girls are still learning what’s special about themselves (self esteem), learning about others (how we can help our communities, our country and people all around the world), learning what the future will hold (how we can be a part of the changes that are coming), exploring their talents (through art, drama, music, dancing), and using resources wisely (understanding and appreciating nature and how to protect it).

Being a part of a premier girl leadership organization can give girls experiences that they may never have otherwise gained. They can explore, challenge themselves and not feel ostracized for being who they are.  How great is that?

And what about the leaders? Those wonderful volunteers that give so much of themselves as they encourage girls to fulfill their dreams.  As a former leader, I found myself becoming more confident, more skilled in communications, better able to handle issues in an ever-changing world, and as I took more training opportunities, I was better able to pass this on to the girls.

Oh, the experiences we have shared!  From making s’mores to God’s eyes, to canoeing down the river and horseback riding. From virtual traveling Christmas story to the day I came home and my daughter had cooked supper, but did it on the open fire because she was more familiar with that than the kitchen stove.  Hmmm, maybe I should have worked on indoor cooking a little more!



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