Girl Scouts Annual Phonebook Recycling Project

Project Pet Litter

Would your troop like to help the environment, the community and put a little money in your troop bank account?  This year troops in the Joplin, Branson & Springfield areas can do just that by participating in Project Pet Litter.  All you have to do is collect old phone directories from August through September 30, 2012 and put them in designated collection bins  and Nestle Purina will pay your troop $25 for every ton of phonebooks you collect.  They will use the phone directories and turn them in to “Yesterday’s News” which is a pet litter made from recyclable materials.  This project has been taking place for over 10 years! Area businesses call the Girl Scout service center looking for troops to pick up their old phonebooks and we put them in touch with you! It’s an easy way to help encourage recycling and earn money for your troop.

To sign up or for more information, contact Stefanie McCall at 877-312-4764 ext. 1137 or


2 thoughts on “Girl Scouts Annual Phonebook Recycling Project

  1. I am a lifetime Girl Scout in the former Girl Scout Council. I have spent a day at the camp in Joplin when I was in junior high. I remember the National Guard bringing a duce and 1/2 to Nevada High School and picking us up to go to day camp in Vernon County. The older girls got to spend 1 night under the stars. I do not hear of those things happening anymore.
    My daughter was a Brownie, Junior, Cadette and Senior Scout and is the only Girl Scout of which I am aware that has earned the Gold Award in the North Pemiscot Service Unit. That Service Unit does not exist anymore because you folks never got the girls their cookie rewards. Now no girls will register for Girl Scouts.
    I was a Service Unit manager/ Neighborhood Chairperson – whatever GSUSA decided that title should be for ALL the years that my daughter was in Scouting. She is also a lifetime Girl Scout now in the Girl Scouts of the Florida Panhandle. She was my granddaughter’s Daisy leader this past year. I pray when registration is done at Mary Esther Elementary in Mary Esther, FL, that some mom will come forward and volunteer to work with a Brownie Troop. Why GSUSA puts girls together in 1 troop from several different schools is difficult for me to understand. Many difficulties arise for the leader to communicate with the moms.
    When my mom passed away in 2007, I asked at the Dexter office what was on the wish list for Camp Latonka. I use to see a Wish List sent out in the area newspapers and various publications. I donated a set of sheets for Cook’s cabin. I made the hour drive to the Dexter office and gave those sheets to Patti Parker. I never received a thank you note. I also suggested that a wish list be publicized in all the newspapers in southeast MO. I imagine they would do that kind of thing for free as a puclic service announcement. Men & women use to gather at Outpost on a weekend before summer camp started to put up the tents in Outpost. In additon, many volunteers were invited on that same weekend to get the cabins, etc ready for the summer season.
    I also know about Dennis Cain money for use by Pemiscot County Girls. I never hear anything about that. ????
    We use to get a Parent newsletter in the mail. Not all families can afford to have a computer. If you want parent support and free labor, I suggest to MAIL out a newsletter at least once a year to ALL families.

    I taught kdg. for 1 year, 2nd grade for 3 years and was a K – 12th grade professional school counselor for 31 years. I have a wealth of free resources which I utilized for various programs at school. I’m use to applying for grants. I wrote a School-to-Careers grant in 2000 to be able to take each grade I worked with on a School-to-Careers field. For example, for 9 years I took our 4th graders from North Pemiscot Elementary to the State Capital in Jefferson City to learn about careers in MO government. Camp Latonka use to have nurses who would take turns staffing the various summer camp sessions. Cap Acom from Wardell, MO and Charles Baker from Kennett, MO help get Camp Latonka started in 1948. When we went to a family event at Camp Latonka, my son, my daughter and myself rode horses on a trail through the Camp Latonka property.
    Now, Sally Ride, a former Girl Scout has passed away. I believe a scholarhip should be started in her honor. Having dealt with many, many scholarships in 35 years, I would be willing to meet with a committee in southeast MO to develop the guidelines for this scholarship. I do not see in any newspapers about scholarships for Girl Scouts. Remember, Girls can be ANYTHING !!!!
    Since I have been retired, we have started a home-owned business of selling farm toys. My time is limited, I receive no communications by mail except a catalog, I see VERY little in the newspapers in southeast MO to encourage scouting. Once again, I believe that the Southeast MO Press Association would do this as a public service.
    I need to quit for now. Respectfully submitted.

  2. Thank you for your dedication to Girl Scouts as a lifetime member and Girl Scout volunteer. We strive to keep volunteers and parents informed and appreciate your suggestions on ways to improve our efforts.

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