Volunteer Feedback Sessions Regarding the Property Plan

Update: locations updated 20 June 2012

The council Property Committee has been working very hard for several months to develop a long-range property plan for Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland. The recommendations from that plan will be shared with the Board of Directors at their June meeting. In July, we will hold 11 volunteer feedback sessions across the council to give our membership the opportunity to provide feedback on the recommendations. The final recommendations will go to the Board of Directors for approval at their September meeting.

Dates and locations of the feedback sessions are listed below. Council Property Committee members, Board members and staff members will be at the sessions to listen to comments and answer questions. All sessions are from 6:30 – 8:30pm. Exact locations will be shared as soon as they are confirmed. We will post those locations in May. We want to share the dates and towns now so that people can put them on their calendars.

  • Monday, July 9 — Joplin
  • Tuesday, July 10 — Springfield
  • Thursday, July 12 — Columbus, KS
  • Monday, July 16 — Sedalia
  • Tuesday, July 17 – Jefferson City
  • Wednesday, July 18 — Columbia
  • Thursday, July 19 — Rolla
  • Monday, July 23 – Mountain View
  • Tuesday, July 24 — Dexter
  • Wednesday, July 25 — Cape Girardeau
  • Thursday, July 26 — Poplar Bluff

For previous property info news and announcements, see our properties info page.


2 thoughts on “Volunteer Feedback Sessions Regarding the Property Plan

  1. I believe there should be no question about keeping Camp Mintahama! As a Girl Scout, I attended many years and sessions at Mintahama, and in turn, my two daughters attended Mintahama. My daughters were aides, and then went to counselor camp and became wonderful camp counselors. Many great people over the years have supported, worked, volunteered, and sacrificed for Mintahama ! Mintahama has been opened for many, many years and offers the best programs for girls in the four state area ! Joplin has suffered greatly in the last year with the devistation of the tornado that tore up many homes and businesses, and took the lives of many people. I am sure there are many, many supporters who will agree with me, that Camp Mintahama has stood the test in time, and should continue for many, many years to come, to enlighten and help mold the lives of girls in the four state area ! Please help us continue the Camp Mintahama tradition and keep the spirit of Girl Scouting alive in Joplin!

  2. I agree with Mary Wilson and have very similar comments to make about Camp Latonka. If you review the MO KIDS research data, you will see about the poverty areas of the very Bootheel area of Missouri. These young ladies need to surround themselves with people who can help them become the best they can be. In these days of HIGH fuel prices, the least distance that adults have to travel in order to provide these opportunites for girls, the more likely you are to get more volunteers.
    Years ago when we had day camp, our school district allowed us to use a school bus to transport girls to the day camp in our county. Financially, this could not happen now. DAEOC might be able to help. SMTS might be able to help. We all need to look with solutions already exist and collaborate with them.

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