Joplin Office Update

Progress is moving forward with the new Joplin office at 1202 S. Range Line Road.  The contractor is working to complete the remodeling project as soon as possible.  We understand that many people are eager for the new office to open and so is Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland.   We are projecting that the new office will open in late Fall  2011.  We will keep everyone posted as we move closer to this much anticipated opening.

Update: For mail for the Joplin center, please use the Springfield center address.


4 thoughts on “Joplin Office Update

  1. I have a 8yr old that would love to join the Girl Scout of Joplin. Please let me know when the office is finished and what do I have to do for her to join.
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Mulrain

  2. Thank you for contacting us — we apologize for the delay in responding.
    When the new Joplin office opens, we’ll announce it with great fanfare here, on our Web site, on Facebook — everywhere. You won’t miss it. :)
    In the meantime, there’s no reason your daughter can’t join now and start taking advantage of our programs and getting involved with a troop in your area!
    Please contact our main number toll-free at 877-312-4764 and ask for community/membership development specialist Vivian (extension 1106). She’s more than happy to help you and your daughter get started.
    Thanks, and have fun!

  3. I have a 15 year old exchange student who would like to get plugged in somewhere. I see that there will be a joplin office opening. Is there anything closer? I live outside of Anderson Mo.

  4. Thank you for your question, Krystal. If you give 877-312-4764 a call and ask for community/membership development specialist Melissa (extension 1107), she’ll be able to let you know what’s available for your area! :)

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