Project PetLitter

Project PetLitter
May 1 – July 31, 2011

Project PetLitter is a program designed to help recycle old phonebooks and keep them out of landfills. Phone books are collected by Nestle Purina, who then recycles them by turning them into pet litter.

Girl Scout troops that participate will receive $25 from Nestle Purina for every ton of phonebooks they collect. Phonebooks will need to be deposited in designated bins, which will be available in Branson and Springfield. If enough troops in an area are interested, it might be possible to place a bin in your area.

To participate, complete a GSMH troop program registration form and a money earning project application and send it to a GSMH Service Center by May 30, 2011. You will then receive a detailed email about the project.

Questions? Please contact Stefanie McCall at the Springfield Service Center: 877-312-4764 x1137 or


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