Regional Chats

Registered members of Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland are invited to attend a Regional Chat in October. At these informal panels, the GSMH senior team will be present to provide council updates and to hear your ideas.

Southwest Region
Thursday, October 14 • 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Columbus Scout House
116 E Country Rd, Columbus, KS

Southeast Region
Monday, October 18 • 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Westside Family Life Center
1274 County Rd 5270, Willow Springs, MO

Central Region
Thursday, October 21 • 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Silver Meadows Program Center
300 S Pinnacles Rd, Hallsville, MO


6 thoughts on “Regional Chats

  1. While I appreciate the regional chats, it’s nice to have a time to be heard and be told what’s going on in the council, there’s few problems:

    How is Willow Springs “Southeast”? How are members who have jobs and school suppose to drive 2+ hrs on a school night?

  2. I am very concerned with the fact that the council would choose to do a regional chat on a week night and expect volunteers to drive 2 or more hours for a meeting that they could hold on a Saturday. Also, more than a 2-3 week notice should have been given. What is on the web site has very little information, the council is so good at canceling events if they do not have enough people to attend. For the upcoming three chats it doesn’t even tell us if we need to register. Are volunteers going to drive 2or more hours and get there and find out that the event is cancelled.

  3. There is no registration necessary to attend any of the regional chats. Barring disasters beyond our control, the chat will be held as scheduled. The council’s senior team is looking forward to hearing from the membership.

  4. I would like an update on the “CHATS”. How did they go? I was unable to attend because of the 2hr drive on a school night. I would love to see the senior staff attend a “Chat” on the East side of the state. I would be willing to host this event. If there are others on the East side that are interested please let me know.

  5. Thank you for inquiring. The chats went well with good feedback offered from volunteers, staff and board members. We are looking into additional chat opportunities for this spring with date announcements coming soon!

  6. Our small troop of just five Brownies, all second grade homeschooled girls,has surprised us all with their generosity. When asked what they would like to do for Make a Difference Day they voted to help our local Humane Society.
    These girls have collected cat and dog food, toys, newspaper, toothbrushed, plastic bags, blankets, treats, brushes, and more for the animals at the shelter. They have all used their own money to help the animals and learned a lot about caring for pets in the process. We will be taking the donations to the Humane Society in November as a group and meeting some of the dogs and cats these kind hearted little girls will be helping. I am so proud of troop 70500, these girls are wonderful!

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