Strategic Learning Surveys: we need your help

Providing an exciting Girl Scout program that gives both girls and volunteers opportunities to grow, learn and have fun is very important to us.  And we need your help to make sure our council keeps up to date with what is important to our girls and volunteers.

Over the next year our council will be going through a process called Strategic Learning.  We will be using the proven best practices of Strategic Learning to gather and review a lot of information from girls and volunteers across our council.  Girls and volunteers will have the opportunity to tell us what they like about Girl Scouts and what they would like to see happening in Girl Scouts.

This will happen in two ways:
1) a random sample of volunteers, girls and Girl Scout parents from across the council will receive a survey designed for their group in the mail; and
2) volunteers, Girl Scout parents and girls can click on the link below to participate in the same survey(s) online.

Please encourage any volunteers, girls or Girl Scout parents you know to complete the survey(s) online no later than September 1, 2010.  The more people that participate, the richer the pool of data we will have to use in our Strategic Learning process.


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