Cookie Booth Locator

Now on the Council Web site, a Girl Scout cookie booth locator! locate_booth

You can search for a list of booths in a certain distance from you, or use maps to see booths in an area at a glance.

Please note, though, that this tool has just been released and is dependent upon vonlunteer leader participation to add their booths–so the information is not complete! If you’re a volunteer leader, use the link on the locator page to add your cookie booth!

The booth locator can be found here:


2 thoughts on “Cookie Booth Locator

  1. Hello,
    I have a daughter that wants to join girl scouts we live in the Waynesville, Mo area. Who can we contact to join.
    Thank You

  2. The best advice i can give you if you have not gotten it already is to call Sylvia- 586-6583
    She is the leader of the local Waynesville, St. Robert and then some area. She has information on all age levels and what troops your daughter could join…
    I am glad your daughter wants to join…
    Best Wishes, Sarah

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