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  1. I was glad to see that the camp information is available online. However, if I had not just “checked” the Council website, I would not have known this. An email to leaders or parents would be helpful.

    I am the leader for a Cadette age troop and was looking at camping opportunities for our girls this summer. I am impressed by the wide variety of opportunities available. I am very disappointed, however, that the camps are not conducive to the Columbia Public Schools Summer School schedule, however. For example, my daughter LOVES horses and attended a horse camp 2 different summers up at Camp Woodland. There are NO horsecamp dates that do not conflict with summer school. The only options she has available is one week of Junior Lifeguard (Camp Finbrooke), one week of Canoe Trek (Camp LaTonka) or one week of Geo-caching (Camp Mintahama)….. none of which particularly interests her. This is disappointing to both of us.

  2. Hello, and thank you for your feedback! We appreciate all comments and suggestions and take them seriously. Yours has been forwarded to someone who will be able to address it.

    Regarding the release of new information, as you have noticed, we’re trying to access many avenues to get information out to both volunteers and parents. We continue to send out mass mailings through the postal service, but we are also beginning a major push into online information presentation. This blog is one such tool. Constant updates on the Council Web site is another. We are also utilizing popular sites such as Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Girl-Scouts-of-the-Missouri-Heartland/40489280425) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/gsmoheartland). (The later is useful as you can subscribe to it and receive instant updates and alerts on mobile devices such as your cell phone.)

    One of the last pieces of the information puzzle is indeed to create an e-mail database of volunteers and parents to use to send out information as it’s released. However, this is not the most reliable method of getting the information out as e-mails change, come and go. However, the council Web site and Web based tools always are here for anyone to check now and then, or even subscribe to.

    Again, thank you for your comments!

  3. Where is the Girl Health Examination Form that is to be signed by the physician that is required? I cannot find it on the website.

  4. Thank you for putting a link to the forms since I have been waiting for them to come in the mail and my daughter’s appointment is just around the corner.

    I have to say that communication has been lacking to either parents or leaders. We have transferred to this area 7 months ago and many times we are waiting for information and unfortunately our leader is also waiting. she is willing to look for it, but it is frustrating. At least I know where to start looking!

    I do disagree with having to become a member of facebook or any other site like that as we have a family safety rule of not signing up. In a time when we are trying to teach our girls that they don’t have to…I understand it is fine for others, so it should be an option, and not more of a neccesity for getting information out to Girl Scouts and their families.

    Again, thank you for putting the link on the site!

  5. Thank you for commenting.

    Services such as Facebook and Twitter are completely and purely optional–in fact, everything posted on those sites by the Council is posted on the council Web site:


    Any time an important or significant form is added, an event is added or canceled or rescheduled, any council publication is released…they all get a notice either on the site’s front page or in the News page:


    Since the transition from the various former councils (which served much of Missouri and some of Kansas and Oklahoma) became the “Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland Council,” everyone has been working hard to create and publish new official forms and documents and publications. If it’s not on the Web site’s Forms page, it may not exist yet.

    The instant (well, usually within 36 hours) a new form is created, it gets published to the site.

    We apologize for any delays and inconvenience, and appreciate your patience as new staff, procedures, policies, documents, all coalesce to create a better council to serve you and your daughter’s needs! :)

  6. This is regarding the new Parent/Guardian Permission Slip. This form is in a .pdf format. What this means is that as a leader, I have to print out a copy and hand write it and then hand it to girls “hoping” that they will give it to their parents and not lose it one the way home.

    Can we please have this form in a Word document format so that we can modify it and attach to an email to our parents? We are much more likely to get it back if we do it that way. Plus it saves me time as a leader not having to hand write and then make copies of the form…


    Deidre Wipke-Tevis
    Columbia Service Unit
    Leader, Troop #30547

  7. Thank you for extending the Camp registration deadline! :)

    Deidre Wipke-Tevis

  8. Unfortunately the permission slip form is not available in Word’s .doc format and attempts to convert the original file (which is not PDF) into a Word format has proven…problematic.

    What we have been able to do, however, is convert the existing PDF into an editable form which will let you fill in the blanks you wish and then print out as many copies as you need.

    But keep in mind, if you are using Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader (as opposed to their Acrobat Pro editor), you cannot SAVE the edited form for later use! You will need to print up as many as you think you may need at one time, and if you need to open the file later, re-fill out the form once again.
    I hope this helps somewhat!

  9. Last year my girls spent a week at Camp Latonka for 90$ each and this year the price is over 200$. With camp prices more than doubling they will not be attending camp. In addition you have cut the number of weeks offered in half at camp Latonka. Are you trying to cut down on the number of campers so that you can justify closing the camp next year? We have no desire to make a 10 hour round trip to take the girls to the camps out in springfield.

  10. Thank you for expressing your concerns…
    Every legacy council camp had vastly different camp fees. Therefore, the way in which we determined camp fees this year was by simply developing a camp budget and determining what it cost to run our GSMH Resident Camp Program. This is what our fees are based on this year. We do have financial assistance available for girls across the council for resident camp.

    Also, while the number of weeks of camp might be different in some areas from last year to this year, the actual number of slots available for girls is the same or higher. Essentially, we consolidated the weeks of camp so that we would not be running weeks that were half full.

    All of these decisions were in an effort to be good stewards of our resources and to provide a consistent camp program throughout our jurisdiction.

  11. You may also note that the expenses to run Latonka were very low while other camps are high due to property tax and upkeep costs. We are all bearing the burden of councils that were in debt. I don’t like the new camp costs but it does seem to me to be the best way to divide the costs. Why should my daughter pay more to go to a camp that is run essentially the same as another because it is close to us? Now they are all similar in pricing.

  12. I have been trying to find the address to the camp, my daughter went to, so I can send her a letter. In the past it was always on the paperwork that came with her confirmation letter. I didn’t save the one from last year. This is the first time she has gone to camp for two weeks, and I think she would have enjoyed getting some mail while she was gone, but I don’t know how to find the address to Camp Mintahama. I have usually sent her a letter or card each year.
    It would be helpful to have the address and phone number to the camp the girls are actually going to be on their confirmation letter, and have the letter be a little individualized for that specific camp.
    Thank you,
    Lenda Curry

  13. The mailing addresses for the camps are:

    7013 Eland Road
    Joplin, MO 64804

    HCR 1 Box 1175
    Wappepello, MO 63966

    RT 1 Box 117
    Patterson, MO 63956

    2740 Finbrooke Road
    Rogersville, MO 65742

    Hope this helps.

  14. Thanks! I had the exact same question.

    Just another quick suggestion. Since our Council does extend north all the way up to the Jefferson City-Columia-Sedalia-Herman areas, it would be nice to have driving directions to the camps that reflect driving from the Northern part of the Council too….It was quite challenging to get to Camp Latonka from Columbia yesterday since there is no direct driving route to begin with, we had 20+ minutes of torrential rainfall during the 5 hour drive, Camp Latonka doesn’t show up on Map Quest or Google Maps, etc., and the directions given were from Popular Bluff direction (south west of the camp).



  15. Last year we could check a camp blog site to see what are daughters where doing at camp- —and a general overview of how camp was going for the week.. The posts where made by the camp director, I think. Is there something like this available this year? Thanks

  16. Hello, thanks for commenting.
    We’ve looked into your question, and we here at the Council Office have no knowledge of any blogs that ran last year. If so, it was done on an individual basis and weren’t “official,” so to speak.
    However, we think it’s a great idea!!
    We can’t guarantee that we’ll absolutely have running camp blogs next year, but it is something we’re now going to try to do. Thanks for the suggestion!

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