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  1. Who can attend the Service Team Trainings 2009? Is this by invitation only?

  2. Service Team Training is open to any registered volunteer. If you do not currently hold a position on the service team, you wouldn’t have to take the specific Service Team Training courses (Secretary training, Treasurer training etc…). However, you could come and learn about a position you are interested in, or you could just take the workshop classes like Girl Scout Traditions/Ceremonies/Songs/Games…or the Journeys workshop.
    Hope this helps. :)

  3. When will the new G-O Guides for 2009-2010 be available?



  4. I have a couple of questions about the newly posted Girl Scout Weekend at White Water, Aug 15 & 16.

    Could you please clarify what the safety requirementsare if a troop would like to attend this weekend as an official troop activity?
    For example:
    1) Does a troop have to bring their own lifeguards or are the lifeguards at White Water sufficient?
    2) If you have more girls in your troop than you have seats in your private vehicle, can parents who are registered volunteers drive?
    3) Since Branson is part of our Council area, do you have to complete a Troop Travel form and get SU manager approval? 4) Is any extra insurance required?



  5. I am still waiting for a response to my question about “The Gathering” at Finbrooke in November. Will this be a tent camping event as implied in the Spring-Summer G-O Guide?

  6. Deidre, I’m sorry for the delay; I don’t see this question in the previous comments. :(
    They will be camping in the units, which means depending on the age of the campers, they will either be staying in the cabins (for the youngest) or in the perma-tent units.
    Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  7. No problem. Thanks for the info. So they will NOT need to bring tents of their own, right?

    Also, we are trying bring a caravan of older girls from Columbia MO to The Gathering. It is a minimum of a 3-3:30 hours drive down to the Springfield area from Columbia.

    Since The Gathering is scheduled to start at 6 pm there is no way that we can be “on time” unless we have the girls skip out early from school –probably not a good precedent to set with out girls.

    We noticed that the event is scheduled to end at 11 am on Sunday. Would it be possible to start later on Friday night say–8:00 pm (instead of 6) and just extend the time on Sunday until 1 or 2 pm? That would allow girls who live a long distance from Springfield to be able to arrive on time?

    Since our Council is so geographically large, we need to be cognizant of driving times–especially for events that are specifically advertised to get girls from all over the Council together.

    Just a suggestion….



  8. Right, the girls will not need to bring their own tents.

    In regards to the start time of 6:00 p.m. that is what time the girls can start arriving at Camp Finbrooke. Because we realize that girls will be driving from varying distances Friday night is merely a time for the girls to arrive at camp, get situated in their units and start to meet other girls. We will have a camp fire and smores but other than that we will have no set agenda for Friday evening. All of the organized activities will begin Saturday morning once everyone has had a chance to arrive.

  9. The deadline for registering for The Gathering is October 16th, 2009 and we still do not have a description of the workshops or the special registration form. When will that information become available?


    Deidre Wipke-Tevis

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