Why Girl Scout cookies?

Invest in the Future with the Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program
The GS Cookie Sale Program has begun!

We all know the Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program is an important facet of Girl Scouts. The sale provides needed funds for troop activities and community service projects, as well as equips our girls with skills in marketing, customer service, and goal-setting.

This isn’t just about cookies, it’s about setting our girls up to succeed in their goals and projects. Encourage them to tell their customers WHY they are selling Girl Scout cookies.cookie boxes

It’s more than a box of cookies. 
It’s a lasting investment in our community.

Make sure cookie customers know that the proceeds from the sale go directly to their community Girl Scouts. And these Girl Scouts in turn learn and grow into confident leaders who make the world a better place. 
Buying a box of cookies makes a difference!

  This isn’t a one-shot deal or a half-time snack that’s here and gone. This is life-changing. This is the stuff of young girls’ dreams and of all the wisdom and experience she needs for the life that lies ahead — for herself, her family, her future coworkers, the strangers she’ll help along the way, and her neighbor.

5 Tips for Better Sales:

1. Set ambitious, yet attainable goals.
2. Tell your customer why you’re selling (Gold Award service project, trip to Washington D.C., etc.)
3. Plan your campaign– map your route, decide who to call, and set up a booth sale with your troop.
4. Be positive! 9 out of 10 people, when asked, will buy Girl Scout cookies, so think positively.
5. Always say thank you!

For more information on Girl Scout cookie program, or to download this page as a PDF, visit the council Web site:



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